Brill Series

BRILL is the projector with track mounted and standard Luum LED light source capable of creating suggestive atmospheres.

Thanks to the innovative system of interchangeable optics and accessories, Brill is able to satisfy every lighting requirement, going from diffused to restricted lighting.

The different accessories, the lens hoods, the honeycomb filter, diffusers and lenses with different divergences, allow you to create unique atmospheres.

The lenses are available with various divergences and thanks to the very high quality and transparency they offer superior illumination.

The advanced electronics of the Driver offers the integrated Flicker-Free system, that is the elimination of the perception of light flicker, significantly increasing the Visual Comfort.

The standard Luum LED technology together with the electronic Driver offer high energy savings, without compromising the quality of the light emitted.

Available in three versions of 30 Watt, 20 Watt or 15 Watt and with different dimensions, Brill is able to meet every lighting requirement.