Anub Series

Anub is the contour projector able to bring out the never noticed details of artistic masterpieces.

The very high degree of transparency of the lenses and a superior shaping system allow you to precisely outline the edges of the works for perfect vision. The illuminated surface can be shaped, projecting the light only on the canvas and not on the frame and / or on the wall. The works therefore seem to stand out with their own light, creating a suggestive atmosphere.

Thanks to the different color temperatures of the standard Luum LED, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K or 5000K, each artistic masterpiece will be able to enjoy a light that enhances the planes and colors well known by the author.

Anub uses high-quality anti-reflective glass optical lenses with 25-36° variable zoom.

The advanced electronics of the Flicker-Free transformer eliminates the annoying perception of light flickering. The integrated dimmer allows you to increase or decrease the intensity of the luminous flux directly on board the Anub or through an intelligent DALI system with remote control.

The standard Luum CRI> 97 LED technology eliminates the "Blue hazard" peak of light common in LEDs currently on the market, which is harmful to works of art and the circadian cycle in humans. Click here to find out more

The energy efficiency of these light sources together with the advanced electronics of the transformer, allow high cost savings.

The quality of the light emitted improves a lot and the light spectrum approaches that of the Sun.

A clean, natural light similar to that of the Sun with perfect irradiation.