Japan Expo 2015

Luum® is the official supplier of the whole lighting system of Japan Pavilion restaurant area at Expo 2015: seamless LED system and built-in spotlights have been designed and set-up to illuminate “Minokichi” original Kyoto style restaurant, where Japanese chefs prepare sushi live. A special edition of Orange, suspension lamp designed by Francesco Giannattasio, lights up the “Japan Star Dining” tables, where several gastronomic stands show Japanese culinary art.

Perfectly in line with Japan Pavilion design concept which celebrates harmonious fusion between tradition and technology, Luum® LED sources have high quality light sources developed in cooperation with the most important world productive protagonists of the sector.

Luum® is a new generation of “human friendly” LED that, in addition to the usual energy saving LED, offers a light spectrum quite similar to the natural one, a light able to have a positive influence on metabolism and well-being.

Luum and Japan Pavilion partnership arises from historical relationships with Japanese culture and market which have always characterized President Augusto Grillo personal life.

Luum is a place where connections between man and light are studied; a place where new technologies are tested through an innovative use of light sources which improve quality of life and accompany different moments of everyday routine, from relaxation to work, from cultural pleasure to food.